Vicc: Magyar mondókák angolulWho does not keep in…

Magyar mondókák angolul

Who does not keep in step,

Does not get strudel for an evening,

Though the strudel very good,

It is truth for a soldier!


Calf, calf gaudy,

Neither his ear, neither his tail.

We go there to live,

Where to get milk!


Gaudy palace, green his window,

Come out, you tuberose,

The viola is waiting!


Tin, tin music,

Little Susie dances,

Right is tipped,

Leftwards is tipped,

Cricket a pal plays on the violin.


Snail, come out,

your house burns outside.

You get milk, butter,

It is left for tomorrow.


Ec-pec you may go out

Day after tomorrow you may come in

Onto thread onto tit

Jump kitten onto the mouse.



One – the sour cherry ripened,

Two – briar comma,

Three – you are my pair,

Four – little girl where do you go,

Five – the pumpkin ripens,

Six – your stomach is the bench,

Seven – the baker bakes a French roll,

Eight – the shelf is empty,

Nine – little Frank,

Ten – clear water,

Take it back if he is not clear,

The kitten drinks it then.


Was a furnace once, little Bence slipped into it.

The furnace was sooty, little Bence was coffee.

His mum looked at it, his son had changed a lot according to him.

Closed the furnace, thrashed little Bence well.


This went away to hunt,

this shot,

this took it home,

this roasted it,

and this it tiny all of them ate it!

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